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How To Create Your Own Website? How To Create Own Website?

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 In today's post How To Create Own Website?

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 So friends today in this post we will know

How to create your own website? How To Create Own Website?
 And it's absolutely free so let's start

So There Are Some Things About The Website

So friends tell you that there are so many ways on Google to create a website such as
  •  Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Freenom
  • Many More ...
There are many more, you   can create your own website in Free 
But there is a slight change in the name of the free website 
If you make your own website free on Blogger 
You will see something like next to your website name.
 Which makes the name of the website very large 
So it needs to spend a little money to remove it
 It's not that you immediately remove traffic on your blog 
Then you can remove it, so let me tell you
How to create own website / blog free hindi

Will Be Necessary To Create A Website

  1. Android Phone or Computer
  2. Email Id
  3.                             Running the website

So, how do you tell me the free method 
How website itself created? How To Create Own Website? )
You have to do a search in your browser by 
clicking on and clicking on the link at the top of it, 

Now you have the option of Create Your Blog and Sign In, 
 then you have to click on sign in and register with your email ID and password.

After registering 
you will come up with a Create A Blog, you will have to click on it, a new tab will open in front of you.

In Title you have to enter the name of your website 
And in the address below, you have to put something like this 
Like mydemoblog after writing so much in front of you
( will appear like this 
You have to click on that line to see in front of that line 
Whether or not you have correct tweet in blue color, you have to 
change a little name and if it is felt then click on Create Blog below. 


How to make your own website now  ?How To Create Own Website?
Your This Task Completed

So how did friends make their  own website? How To Create Own Website? This article is about to be found that you would have liked this article, if you like it, please let us know  how to create your website. How To Create Own Website?

In this article we go 

How to create your own website? How To Create Own Website?
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